Teeth Pictures After Week 14 of Invisalign

So, 14 weeks, 6 sets of trays and here is the first picture that we can compare to the ones taken in week 1. I’ve tried to crop it the same to make it easy to compare. I think that most of the movement is in the lower middle teeth – there is one tooth that is stuck behind the others and the trays have been pulling it forwards and it’s neighbours are moving sideways to make room.

Week 14 of Invisalign – lower teeth are coming into alignment…

Teeth, week 1, not wearing Invisalign trays…

I think it is possible to see that the middle lower tooth back in week 1 was set behind the other teeth, and now at week 14 we can see almost the whole tooth. It is still behind, but it has made some progress forwards into the gap. This is probably a good interval to show pictures, so I’ll aim to do another one at around week 30, or whenever there is further noticable movement.

Thanks for reading and keep those comments coming!

September 13th, 2010 – 15:56
Wow, you can really notice the difference! That in 14 weeks is a lot!!
I’m at week 22 and finished (in theory) with my last tray of lower teeth and tomorrow will be going to the dentist to check.. because they don’t look the same as in the clincheck.. although you can see there is an arch formed and they are straight..
Anyway! Just to say congratulations to you for the hard work and let you know we are more in the outside world going for exactly the same..!! Just pointing out your comments about the Listerine mouthwash… It’s hardcore!! I use the Total Care one and is really strong but it is the only one I feel leaves my mouth fresh and clean! Also the floss sticks are great..
PD: Another trick you might consider (I sadly only discovered it 4 weeks ago) to clean trays – although you haven’t mentioned any problem with them – is Steradent to clean them once a day! It really makes a difference after a week or so when the plaque builds in the trays and a toothbrush is not enough to keep them clean.. What I do is pop the trays in warm water with half a tablet and rinse them well after breakfast.. And tachan! they are shining as new! 😉

September 14th, 2010 – 20:05
Thanks 🙂
Good tip on the tray cleaning, I’ll give it a go. I’m still only a third of the way through on my upper trays so I’ve got a while to go yet! Hope you are happy with yours too – I’m a bit jealous of people that are at the end of their treatment 🙂

September 20th, 2010 – 16:14
I’m very happy with the result on the lower and now wearing the trays as aligner for the rest of the upper treatment.. I am only half way on them so still a bit to go.. But you’ll agree with me that time seems to fly by once your teeth start moving and you can see a bit of a result on the pain of changing trays every two weeks.. I dread that moment twice a month!!
But anyway, so far my upper is adapting far better than the lower used to do..
Mentioning your teeth look much more whiter after 14 weeks, I think this Invisalign helps protect them and keeps them cleaner (that is why we brush like 4 times a day?)
hehe Good luck with your 10th tray, double digits!!! 🙂

September 20th, 2010 – 18:16
Hi Stellina, you are right – it gets easier to cope with after you see some movement. Also I guess you get used to the routine as well – it is going to be soooo good when we don’t have to wear them anymore. Like you, I have to keep on going with my top trays for much longer than my lower trays – so I guess I’ll have to wear the last set of trays for my lowers for significantly longer than two weeks. I bought some Steradent last week so it should help to keep them clean!

September 21st, 2010 – 03:03
I’m on week 14 of 22 trays! A little over half way there! I’ve had a huge change in my smile as a result. I love invisalign because they are barely noticeable. Metal braces at 42 just weren’t an option for me. I too have a bottom front tooth that was rotated sideways and kind of behind the other tooth. It is now almost completely turned forward. This has made my dental cleanings much easier and less painful, I guess because there is less scraping. I really love the freedom of being able to smile now. I am so much less self-conscious than before. I have a blog as well. You can see my progress at http://www.smilecsra.com and some youtube videos at http://www.youtube.com/carterorthodontics. Good luck with your progress!

September 21st, 2010 – 19:20
Hi Melissa – I saw your 3D animation – I bet you were amazed when you first saw it.
It’s great to see other people seeing success with their treatments as well. And thanks for the link 🙂
Good luck to you too!