Second Set of Invisalign Trays

The two weeks went by just in time as my lower tray developed a crack at the front. It was probably because of the strain in the middle as sometimes when I took them out, one side would come up easier than the other. So actually I started using my second lower tray a couple of days earlier than I should have. I think it’s ok, because the last tray was hardly putting any pressure on at all, or that’s what it felt like anyway.

In comparison, the second set of trays is putting a lot more pressure on my teeth than the first set. Perhaps they make the first set like that to give you a chance to get used to them, before piling on the pressure. Putting them in and taking them out hurts a bit as certain teeth have to give way as you wrench them out. Ok so I’m being dramatic – it isn’t that bad. Pensacola orthodontist Dr. Clay Sims has told me this is going to happen.

I don’t think about these bits of plastic in my mouth now – which is good because in the first week I was wondering how I was going to get through the next month let alone the next year.

One thing I’d say is that my teeth and gums have probably never been healthier than they are at the moment. Brushing three times a day – after every meal – and using mouthwash most of the time as well is more attention than they’ve ever had in my life! Where my gums used to bleed a little after a vigorous brush, they no longer bleed and the gums are not sensitive anymore. Talking about mouthwash, I’ve used several different brands over the last few weeks. We had some Colgate mouthwash lying around and I used that up, it was fairly mild and not too unpleasant. Then after seeing Listerine for half price in Tesco, I got that (the Total Clean one). Bloody hell. You know the Listerine advert where there is a mini-explosion insider her mouth as she takes a swig – that really isn’t a bad representation. Just knock the mild surprise expression off her face and replace with one of agony and it would be pretty accurate. No wonder nothing lives after taking a swig of that stuff – it takes a layer of skin off the inside of your mouth!! Nevertheless I finished the bottle (in about 10 days). Now I’ve got this alcohol free Colgate stuff – this one tastes ‘orrible but it isn’t as explosive as the Listerine one. Cripes.