OMG, It’s almost over…

But no… I forget myself, no, even though I’m coming to the end of the treatment that my dentist set me up with, I’ll have to wear the retainers every night. Yes, many people have pointed out my foolishness in not realising that, or not doing the research, and yes, perhaps they are right.

In the interests of blogging my progress though, I ought to take another picture to show how the front teeth have come along. It’s a bit dark here now so I’ll do it at the weekend. It’s been over a year now that I’ve been wearing these things, every day, most hours, and the results are good. It’s incredible to think that not a day has gone by in the last year and a half when I’ve been wearing these plastic trays. It’s going to be odd not having them in (during the day).

Until the weekend then, when a photo will emerge…

September 17th, 2011 – 04:05
Ed, I agree with you that your dentist should have explained retention after treatment upfront. My guess is she’s very inexperienced with orthodontics and with Invisalign, so she probably didn’t know it herself at that time. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of her first few customers… she didn’t even show you how to remove the aligners and then told you to put cracked aligners on your teeth!
Now, she’s new to retention. No one has attachments on during retention and the Invisalign aligners do not last forever. Even the ones made by Invisalign (Vivera) last only 4 to 6 months. Please make sure she orders retainers for you and your wife and I hope that’s included in your price. She probably doesn’t know how to put retaining wires behind your teeth. Good luck to finishing your treatment!