No Invisalign Trays Left

It’s my fault I wasn’t organised and didn’t arrange a visit to the ortho to pick up my next trays. So when I got home from a week in Greece and tried to make an appointment for the next day I guess I wasn’t surprised that they could only fit me in five days later. It’s only five days, but it’s an extra five days for my treatment. And now I’m sitting here wearing tray 6 when I should be on 7 and it’s really frustrating. All the little two-weekly dots I put on my calendar to remind me when tray-change-day is have to all be crossed out as my tray-change-day is now going to be Mondays. So not only will I have to wake up for another fun week of work, I have to do it with new trays and the glorious and unique pain that Invisalign trays create.

It’s all in a good cause though, isn’t it… (but I’ll make sure I get the trays on time in future)