Mis Sold Invisalign

It’s been a couple of months (doesn’t time fly) and now looking back at those pictures in March I think there has been a fair amount of movement in my top teeth now. The chipped one has moved back and somehow the chip isn’t as noticeable as the lower edge of the tooth is not too different from the other one. I’ll have to post a pic I know.

Some news since last time – my wife who is having the same treatment has now finished both uppers and lowers, and went into the dentist to get her attachments removed. At which point the dentist revealed that my wife will have to wear her aligners top and bottom during the night, every night, for ever!!! How mad is that. We both went into this (and paid god knows how many thousands of pounds) thinking that after the course of treatment which was long enough at 1+ years, that would be it. Wearing those damned pieces of plastic every night for ever? No way! I’m sure if we wanted to we could sue the dentist for mis-selling us Invisalign because at no point when she was selling it to us was there any mention of having to wear these things for evverrrrrrr. I don’t think I would have gone through with it had I known that this was for life. Actually, the dentist didn’t even want to remove my wife’s attachments (she had to insist) because she said it would help keep the teeth aligned. WE DIDN’T DO THIS TO KEEP STUBBY ATTACHMENTS AND PLASTIC THINGS IN OUR MOUTHS FOR EVER!!!

Me, when my course has finished and I’ve had my attachments removed I’m probably going to stop wearing the aligners full stop. Maybe my teeth will slowly start moving back to how they were before – but heck I’m not going to wear these aligners forever. I can keep going with it at the moment because I know (or thought) there was an end to it. And there will be. At least there will be something to post on this blog every so often – pictures of my teeth moving back again after my course has finished and I stop wearing them. What a nightmare… Dentist are you reading this?

May 9th, 2011 – 14:12
Hey saw your problem with the dentist wanting you guys to wear the aligners for ever, try to go see an orthodontist and request that a wire be attached to the back of your teeth (same procedure you would get if you were getting braces at the end of your braces treatment.) the wire will keep the teeth in place it isnt noticeable at all the only down side is the flossing gets a little tricky but you get used to it.

May 16th, 2011 – 03:56
Hi there, I am 2/21 for my both upper and lower teeth and I couldn’t wait to get this treatment over! But as far as I am concerned, my ortho did tell me some sort of retainers will be needed at the end of the treatment to keep the teeth in place. Teeth will take around 2 years to firm them into the new position, but what i have in mind would be getting the permanent bonded retainers for both top and bottom, which in theory would be a wire bonded behind the front 6 or 8 teeth to stop them from moving. In that way, no more plastic aligners/retainers in your mouth!
Talk to your dentist and see what he/she thinks, or even so, go to another dentist and ask for opinion 🙂
Hope everything works out fine 🙂

May 27th, 2011 – 02:48
Your dentist should have told you that you have to wear a retainer afterwards, I agree, however… it is standard to wear retainers after orthodontic treatment. If you don’t wear your retainer, your teeth will shift back to their original spots over time – that’s just what happens whether you have invisalign or braces. I have invisalign right now, and my orthodontist is going to put the permanent wire behind my top and bottom teeth when they’re done, and, I’ll have to wear a retainer for 2 years. I also have to keep going back every few months for 2 years after my invisalign is done for him to check to make sure nothing has moved.

I’m sure going to be wearing my retainer.. I’m not going through all of this and pay all this money to have my teeth go back to where they started from!

Unlike You
May 28th, 2011 – 19:45
Oh, please. Give the world a break. You’re going to sue the dentist? I have Invisaligns and understand what’s involved. You didn’t research what YOU got yourself into. Let this be a lesson to you to. It’s your body. Understand what is being done to it. If you’d have spent a few minutes online researching the process you would have learned that your teeth can shift after treatment and you could have saved your money. Face this fact. You were born pre-disposed to have crooked teeth. You forced your teeth from crooked to straight with Invisalign and if your brain wants straight teeth and your body doesn’t, then you’ll have to make them stay put with something.