Changing Invisalign Trays Early

Well I’ve got about 3 or 4 days left to go on my second set of trays and the lower one has developed a crack at the front, similar to what happened to the first set. I’m not sure it is a big problem, because after about 5 days the trays didn’t seem to be putting much pressure on the teeth anyway. Maybe that’s just me getting used to it. But if the crack gets much bigger I might have to move onto my next set early…

That takes us onto a rather interesting topic – I wonder how many people don’t wait the recommended two weeks before moving onto their next set? After only two sets of trays I’m no expert, but it seems that the new trays exert a fair amount of pressure for the first few days, and then I guess the teeth move slightly and the pressure lessens. Even though I don’t feel any pressure now, 10 days after a tray change, I guess it still is keeping them in position. But would it be such a bad thing to move onto the next set a few days early? If the crack in my lower tray gets much worse and splits the tray into two, then obviously it cannot be used anymore and perhaps I’ll get away with moving onto set 3 early.

If it is ok to shave a couple of days off the two weeks for every set, that means with my treatment which is 32 top and 17 bottom, I would save 64 days off the top treatment or just over two months!! Now that sounds attractive. Perhaps I’ll ask around in the forums before braving the wrath of my dentist who I’m sure will demand I stay on the two week cycle… 🙂

June 6th, 2010 – 04:38
I just got my invisalign and I’m about 5 days into it. So I’m not very experienced, but I have a really good ortho and I’ve been asking a ton of questions.

Basically I think this is how it works. Your right your teeth do all the moving in the first couple days (thats why it only hurts the first couple of days) after that the trays just hold them into position. The reason why you can’t switch trays more often is because if your teeth move too fast that can cause bone loss. Its almost like they need time to heal.

That being said, everyone is different and I’m sure the suggested two weeks has some built in leeway. Also my ortho said that sometimes when people loose a tray they’re able to just skip that one. So since your tray is cracked it might be okay this time.

I would be too nervous to switch my trays early all the time though without your ortho’s approval. That might cause problems you can’t see (but I’m a little bit of a chicken)

August 11th, 2010 – 22:11
MY ortho said something about having to move back to the tray that you switched to early. I didn’t get the full explaination but it sounded like one try might be moving a certain tooth to the right and the next tray moves it back. I’m sure it’s not THAT drastic of a difference, but even a slight change is pressure direction before you tooth has fully moved could throw off the treatment.