Am I Going to Sue the Dentist?

No I’m not going to sue the dentist. Eh? What? This is in response to this comment on my last post (Mis-sold Invisalign):

Oh, please. Give the world a break. You’re going to sue the dentist? I have Invisaligns and understand what’s involved. You didn’t research what YOU got yourself into. Let this be a lesson to you to. It’s your body. Understand what is being done to it. If you’d have spent a few minutes online researching the process you would have learned that your teeth can shift after treatment and you could have saved your money. Face this fact. You were born pre-disposed to have crooked teeth. You forced your teeth from crooked to straight with Invisalign and if your brain wants straight teeth and your body doesn’t, then you’ll have to make them stay put with something. (posted by someone calling themselves ‘Unlike You’). I’m quite glad they are unlike me.

Clearly we’ll have to beg to differ here. I’m a firm believer in what the internet has to offer, but when it comes to advice about anything be it medical, technical or whatever – you should always get professional advice. And that was what failed here. When a product is being sold to you all the key facts should be disclosed in order to protect the interests of any ignorant fool that hasn’t done any other research! There is plenty of case-law around mis-described products and the rights a consumer has when sold a product in such a way. The dentist was wrong to leave out key information in their bid to secure $$$’s that comes with each Invisalign case. You’re right that I could have done some more research and asked the questions, but the point is that one shouldn’t have to.

I’m very happy with the results from the Invisalign treatment. I’m just unhappy to have discovered that I have to wear retainers after the treatment, something my dentist should have told me. Am I wrong?

May 29th, 2011 – 13:08
Hey there Ed,
I’ve just read all of your blog posts (within the past hour!) and I think its perfectly fine for you to think so. It has only just come to my attention that this is the case as well and I am slightly worried. I just started the Invisalign treatment last thursday and I’m only on tray 1 of 14 for my bottoms (my uppers are getting remade so I actually haven’t even started them!) Despite my case being only a short 7 months (compared to others that I have heard of) wearing retainers or the invisalign trays forever does not seem like such a exciting thing to me at all. Especially since I am still 17 🙁

I am going to talk to my orthodontist about this in my upcoming appointment and let you know what he says! Goodluck with your treatment and please keep posting on this blog!

June 8th, 2011 – 04:09
Hi Ed,

I bumped into your website while doing some research on invisalign. Your lower teeth look really nice now! It’s inspiring! However, I am still very undecided. I am generally a fuss free person so I really cannot imagine having to wear aligner all the time, taking them out for meals, brushing teeth every time after meals, cleaning the aligners, etc. I think it will have a great impact on my lifestyle. Furthermore I am already quite skinny and am trying to put on some weight. I think invisalign will be a bad idea if it spoils my appetite because of the hassle! The cost is also pretty high. About wearing retainer for the rest of your life, are you required to wear it only when you sleep? If that is the case then I guess it isn’t all that bad?

I’m always envious of other ppl’s nice straight teeth when they smile and I wish I had that too. Should have had braces fitted when I was younger 🙁 Anyway, happy for you that you will be having them soon! 🙂

June 8th, 2011 – 12:35
Hi Sammy and Sarah,
Thanks for the comments. Good luck with your treatment Sarah 🙂

What I’d say to Sammy about the eating is that it does force you to eat three proper meals a day! I snack far less now, and even in a weight gain scenario I think it is best to eat properly rather than snacking. It really isn’t too much hassle – you do get used to it.

After my treatment yes, you are supposed to wear the retainers at night only. It is possible to get more permanent wired retainers fitted behind your teeth – I might look into this option. I’ll have to post some pics soon because there has been more movement in my top teeth now and they are looking quite good.

I hope you come to the right decision soon 🙂

July 7th, 2011 – 13:23
Hi Ed,

I’m onto tray 3 now and all going well so far (the biggest struggle being cleaning the trays at Glastonbury!) I did know about wearing the last tray after treatment – not sure whether this was from my own research or the orthadontist. I figured I’d be so used to it by then that it would be ok, I do want to get my attachments removed at the end though!

The first week was definitely the worst, I had quite bad wisdom tooth ache which I presume was caused by the other teeth pushing. The aligners also feel MASSIVE in your mouth at first. But now it is a doddle – and I haven’t lost weight – if anything I eat more at mealtimes as I’m aware that I will have a big gap before the next meal!

Can’t wait to see the pics of the top teeth.